Costly, time-consuming business disputes can take a real bite out of your company’s bottom line. That is why more and more companies are turning to the Indian Council of Arbitration (ICA), the undisputed leader in dispute resolution services in India.

The ICA was established in 1965 as a specialized arbitral body at the national level under the initiatives of the Govt. of India and apex business organizations like FICCI etc. Based in New Delhi, the main objective of ICA is to promote amicable, quick and inexpensive settlement of commercial disputes by means of arbitration, conciliation, regardless of location. more...

“In order to make it more expeditious, efficient and sustain and achieve the objectives of universally accepted, applicable, effective and best practice of maritime arbitration as also to respond to the increased demand of domestic and international trade community, Indian Council of Arbitration have recently amended its Maritime Arbitration Rules, which have been effective from 01st October, 2012”.

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Registration Fee for Arbitration Cases:
w.e.f   08 - 05 -2012

Claims below Rs. 1 crore           Rs.  10000
Claims above Rs.  1 crore             Rs.  20,000
Maritime Rules

In order to rule out certain ambiguities, anomalies and inadequacies found to be existed in the ICA Maritime Arbitration Rules as effective from October, 2012, the Council decided and proposed amendments to the said Maritime Rules and through series of debates and deliberations upon the subject, the said Maritime Rules have now been thoroughly revised and approved by the Ministry of Shipping. The revised Rules have been effective on and from 1st September, 2014.

For complete text of the revised Maritime Rules (with effect from 1st September, 2014), click here.


“As per Government Notification No. 25/2012-Service Tax dated 20th June, 2012, service tax is @ 12.36% on every amount received by the ICA on the following heads/items with effect from 1st July, 2012:

  1. Annual Membership Subscription
  2. Life Membership Fee
  3. Registration Fee for initiation of arbitration
  4. Administrative Charges on Claim and Counter Claim
  5. Any additional fee, charges, costs & expenses
  6. Participation Fee for Conference/Seminar
  7. Process Charges for Appointment of Arbitrator in Ad-hoc Arbitration Cases

Serial Nos. 3 to 5 are equally applicable to references under ICA Conciliation Rules and ICA Maritime Arbitration Rules.



Conference on “Resolving Maritime Disputes though Arbitration”
November 14, 2014 - Mumbai

In order to create a platform for the maritime experts to deliberate upon the issues on the areas of concern in the field of maritime arbitration as also to share their practical experiences with the participants, the Indian Council of Arbitration (ICA) organised a Conference on “Resolving Maritime Disputes through Arbitration” at Mumbai on 14th November, 2014. The Conference was inaugurated by Dr. Vishwapathi Trivedi, Secretary, Ministry of Shipping, Government of India, who also delivered the Keynote Address. Mr. Deepak Shetty, Joint Director General, Directorate of Shipping, Ministry of Shipping, Government of India, delivered the Special Address. The Inaugural Session was followed by a brainstorming Panel Discussion on the issues, concerns and remedies in Maritime Arbitration in India. The session was chaired by Mr. Arun Kumar Gupta, Chairman & Managing Director, The Shipping Corporation of India. The other speakers included Mr. Prasant Pratap, Senior Counsel, Bombay High Court, Capt. V K Gupta, Maritime Arbitrator, Mr. Amitava Majumdar, Maritime Expert & Member, ICA Maritime Arbitration Committee and Mr. Suresh Taishete, Additional General Manager, MMTC. The Program was largely attended by a knowledgeable crowd comprising of lawyers, maritime practitioners, former Judges, representatives of business and industry, legal heads of public & private sector companies etc. The new ICA Rules of Maritime Arbitration (operational from 1st September, 2014) was officially released by Dr. Vishwapathi Trivedi alongside the Conference.

Mr. Arun Chawla

Mr. D Sengupta
Additional Director
Team Leader
The Indian Council of Arbitration (ICA) has recently published its new Rules of International Commercial Arbitration governing international commercial disputes for ICA commercial arbitrations initiated on or after 1st January, 2014. Arbitration proceedings filed prior to 1st January, 2014 continue to be governed by the ICA Rules of Arbitration amended and effective from 8th May, 2012.

Hon’ble Mr. Justice A K Sikri launching the new ICA Rules for International Commercial Arbitration. Flanked by: (L to R) Mr. N G Khaitan, President, ICA, Mr. Sidharth Birla, President-Elect, FICCI and Dr. A. Didar Singh, Director-General, ICA & Secretary-General, FICCI

There are a number of significant changes brought into the new Rules of International Commercial Arbitration, many of which appear designed to add increased flexibility to the parties and retain arbitration's promise of a streamlined, cost-effective alternative to traditional litigation. Click here to see the complete text of the new Rules of International Commercial Arbitration.